Monday, November 10, 2008

A Poem by Silas

I Dream That I Float
~ a poem by Silas

Fish in a pond,

Fish in a lake.

Fish in the sea,

Like my headache.

It's really a dream

That I can float.

Like a rowboat

Right in my head,

A dream in my bed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scot O' Dell

Island of the Blue Dolphins is a historical fiction book. The story happens on a small pacific island. The main character is a young girl called Karana. She has long black hair, a cheerful personality, is very clever, skilled, animal loving, and sometimes a little revengeful. She knows how to doctor wounds and is good at weaving. The island is said to look like a fish sunning itself in the sea.
The story starts by showing Karana and her younger brother digging roots when they see a ship coming for otter skin. The Aleuts take advantage of her people causing them to leave the island and accidentally leaving Karana behind with her little brother. Her brother gets killed by wild dogs, and the story is how she survives on the island while waiting eighteen years for a ship to come rescue her. In the beginning, Karana plans to kill the main dog that killed her brother, but when she brings him in after wounding him, he becomes her close companion. When she finally gets to leave the island, she is on another ship that has come to hunt otter. This is a good book. I wouldn't dare change a word of it!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shades of Gray

The story of Will Page, who loses his family and has to stay with his Aunt and Uncle. Will despises his uncle for not fighting in the war, but as he lives and works with his uncle, he realizes that a man should do what he thinks is best. Come with Will and see how he deals with things. I enjoy seeing how he realizes even through times of hardship, he shouldn't let the past interfere. It's a GOOD BOOK!

Old Yeller

It's a story of a dog. An annoying first. When Travis first meats the mutt
it's because he's been stealing. But Travis slowly starts to love the dog. In several times of trouble, Yeller has saved lives. Then, when Travis has to shoot him, it takes all his effort just to pull the trigger. It's a sad yet happy and sometimes silly book. I enjoyed it a lot!

Monday, January 14, 2008

From the mixed up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

E.L. Konigsburg's From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. E. L. Frankweiler is a funny book about two children (Claudia and Jamie) who run away from home to a museum in New York. I enjoyed watching how the two find their way through difficulty's and tight places. It's a good book!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Where The Red Fern Grows

Wilson Rawls's Where The Red Fern Grows is the story of a boy, Billy, and his dogs, Old Dan and Little Ann. Billy saves up his money for two years to buy his dogs, and when he gets them, he trains them to be hunting hounds. He enters a hunting competition were he wins a golden trophy as first place. He hunted coons and bobcats. When his dogs die after a fight with a mountain lion, a red fern grows between there graves. It's a sad book, but it's also a sweet one. I enjoyed this book a lot.

The Seven Wonders Of Sassafras Springs

Betty G. Birney's The Seven Wonders Of Sassafras Springs is the story of a boy called Eben. Eben's father tells Eben that if he can find seven wonders in Sassafras Springs, he would buy Eben a ticket to Colorado to see the Rocky Mountains. I liked watching Eben find wonders this small town that wasn't even on maps. He finishes his task with an apple head doll, an old bookshelf, a musical saw, a ghost table, a ship in a bottle, a rag with a name on it, and a wood carving of Sassafras Springs. It's a fun book!

The Trumpet Of The Swan

E. B. White's The Trumpet Of The Swan is the story of a dumb trumpeter swan, Louis, who meets a boy named Sam. Sam brings Louis to school and teaches him to read and write. He even gives Louis a slate and pencil so that Louis can communicate with people. When Louis finds out that the other swans cant read, his father gets Louis a trumpet. I liked watching peoples amazement seeing a swan walk right up to them and asking them a question on his slate. It was fun watching Louis make money to pay for his stolen trumpet. I loved this book!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Because She Kissed Me Good Night

I climbed the door
and shut the stairs,
I said my shoes
and took off my prayers.
I shut off the bed
and climbed into the light,
all because she kissed me good night.

Author Unknown