Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Theras And His Town

Theras And His Town is a story of love and determination, family and friendship. As usual, with these things, hardship likes to tag along. Theras's story is full of hardship. First, his father is thought to be dead, then Theras is separated from the rest of his family and taken from his beloved Athens,to the hated city of Sparta. There he is trained to be a Spartan soldier. Theras hates his new home, and is determined to someday return home. One day he meets a boy named Abas who is also anxious to run away from Sparta. Together,these two make the long, dangerous trip back to Athens, barely escaping death in some situations. This is a great story, full of love and care for one-another. And at the end of this story there is a also a big surprise. You will love this book.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Louis Braille

“3-year old Louis Braille could find nothing to do. He had tried to help his mother pull weeds in the garden, but he was still to young to tell the difference between weeds and vegetables. After pulling up three or four carrots, his mother had asked him to do something else. Now Louis decided to go and watch his father in the workshop. But when he got there, his father wasn't there. Louis glanced at the tools on the wall. Father had said never to touch the tools, but, surely it wouldn't do any harm..................”
Louis Braille is a book that tells all about the life of Louis. Louis is a smart boy, and grasps any opportunity to learn. But Louis has one problem. He is blind, and there for, will never be able to learn to read. Or will he? This is a good book!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey is the story of three animals, an English bull terrier, a red-gold Labrador retriever, and a Siamese cat, who take a long, dangerous journey across the country on their way to find their true masters. After being left by their owners with a friend a year before, the animals had never been the same again. One day they set off and have an incredible journey as they find their way home. The three go through many hard situations and are, on occasion, separated.
But at last, they all three find their way home. This is an INCREDIBLE BOOK!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. A

Mama says my very best friend (whose name is Mr. A),

Stays inside my mouth year round

and prods me to eat all day.

His real name's Mr. Appetite (he's sometimes rude and impolite),

he sits on my tooth, and to his right,

pass all the foods I've had that night.

Pickled peppers, green snow peas,

meat and pepper that makes me sneeze,

mango, pear, an old, dry grape (I didn't eat the rest on my plate),

lemon pie, some broccoli,

( I started dessert too early, see),

carrots dipped in ranch half way,

the brand of Root beer drunk by Claude Monet,

spaghetti squash, a slice of meat,

an old red beet.

Some blue berries that I had chosen

(which we found quite thoroughly frozen),

some cherry pie and chocolate cake,

but now I fear that I must wait,

for the cookies that mom baked,

for I now have a stomach ache,

and I know that mom was right,

I really do have an appetite.

~This is a poem I wrote for a contest at the library. It made the top five of 177 entries. :)

Yung Fu of the Upper Yangtze

13 year old Young Fu is only used to the rural farming life that he had grown up in. Now, as Young Fu moves into the city of Chungking, he experiences the loud, busy life style of city life. Young Fu works for a coppersmith named Tang as an apprentice where most of his adventures happen or start. This story takes place in the 1920's, when cars are brand new and China is fighting against having a communist government. Young Fu has many errands to run, on occasion out of the city. Once he goes on a boat with Tang and saves the the money on board as the boat is over run by bandits! THIS IS A GREAT BOOK!

The Master Puppeteer

Katherine Paterson's The Master Puppeteer is the story of Jiro, a boy who lives through a large famine in Japan. His father is a puppet maker, so their family is better off than most because the theater buys the puppets. But Jiro's family still suffers for there is barely enough money to live by. In desperation, Jiro goes to the theater to become an apprentice under a man called Yoshida, in order to supply his family with money. But what does Yoshida have to do with Saburo, the thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor? Jiro has many adventures in the theater, of which I can't tell you because it would spoil the affect when you read this book. It's a good one!


Jean Fritz's Homesick is a story about her childhood while she was still in China. She wants to be in America, where she belongs; but instead, she finds herself trying to avoid saying “God Save the King” at her school. This book is full of fun and shows you pieces of China as you go along. Jean has many adventures. My favorite part is when Jean suspects the cook of trying to poison her. Jean also has sadness and a fiery temper. This is a good book!

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

After living through the bombing of Hiroshima, a little girl named Sadako (who loves to run) gets sick from the poisonous gases still inside her. Even though Sadako's friend isn't superstitious, she comes to visit Sadako in the hospital and tells her that if she makes 1,000 paper cranes, she will get better. This is a sad book but it shows the life of a girl who really lived and the love shown to her. I really liked this book!

Water Sky

Jean Craighead Georges' Water Sky is a story about a boy, who goes to Alaska to find his Uncle Jack who mysteriously disappears after going there to stop the hunting of wales. The boy (whose name is Lincoln) has to adjust to many different things wile living with the Eskimos, especially racism. Many Eskimos do not like “Taniks” (white people) because they destroyed the Eskimos lives by stopping wale hunting. I liked seeing how Lincoln figures out the pieces of the story leading to his uncles disappearance and how he learns from the Eskimo people. “ My family needs a wale; it really does” Lincoln says. It's a very good book!

The Cat Who Went to Heaven

The Cat Who Went to Heaven is the story of a cat who belongs to a poor painter. The Painter is asked by the Buddhist priests to paint a picture to put in the main hall of the temple. One by one, the painter thinks of animals that have been blessed by Buddha, and one by one, he paints them down, but none of the animals are cats. The Buddhists believe the cats are demons and therefore are not blessed by Buddha. The painters cat always looks up pleadingly into its masters face as if saying “ That is a very good animal. But aren't you forgetting something?” Will the painter draw a cat or not? This is a good book!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Big Wave

The Big Wave is a sad story about a boy who loses his family because of a tsunami that wipes his family into the sea. The boy stays at his friends house and for the first few days all he does is sleep, trying to forget his family. But through the years his heart gradually opens to people and he lets people love him and care for him and after a wile loves people again himself. It is a good book even though its sad. I enjoyed this book!

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase is a story about two little girls, Bonnie and Sylvia. Sylvia is Bonnie's cousin who comes to live with her. But the day after Sylvia arrives, Bonnie's parents leave on a ill-fated ship for vacation. The girls governess, Miss Slighcarp, disturbs the life of the two girls in ways I can't tell you because you need to read it your self. The girls have many adventures and make their way through many tight places with the help of a boy named Simon. This is a good book!


Rascal is a baby raccoon found in a hollow tree stump by an 11-year old boy(who's name is Sterling), his dog Wowser, and friend Oscar. The coon isn't weened yet, so Oscars mother teaches Sterling how to feed him. Sterling and his new pet bond together almost as soon as they meet, and the two are hardly ever seen apart from each other. They have many funny adventures together and even take a 2 week trip to Lake Superior! Every thing is happy and fun-filled until one fateful day...............
I really enjoyed this book. My favorite part was when Sterling enters a pie eating competition at the fair and Rascal, blueberry pie being his favorite and not knowing he wasn't permitted to the competition, hops on to the table and helps Sterling finish the pie first place! I won't tell you how that section ends. You'll have to read it yourself! I Loved this book!