Monday, March 30, 2009


Rascal is a baby raccoon found in a hollow tree stump by an 11-year old boy(who's name is Sterling), his dog Wowser, and friend Oscar. The coon isn't weened yet, so Oscars mother teaches Sterling how to feed him. Sterling and his new pet bond together almost as soon as they meet, and the two are hardly ever seen apart from each other. They have many funny adventures together and even take a 2 week trip to Lake Superior! Every thing is happy and fun-filled until one fateful day...............
I really enjoyed this book. My favorite part was when Sterling enters a pie eating competition at the fair and Rascal, blueberry pie being his favorite and not knowing he wasn't permitted to the competition, hops on to the table and helps Sterling finish the pie first place! I won't tell you how that section ends. You'll have to read it yourself! I Loved this book!

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