Monday, June 29, 2009

Louis Braille

“3-year old Louis Braille could find nothing to do. He had tried to help his mother pull weeds in the garden, but he was still to young to tell the difference between weeds and vegetables. After pulling up three or four carrots, his mother had asked him to do something else. Now Louis decided to go and watch his father in the workshop. But when he got there, his father wasn't there. Louis glanced at the tools on the wall. Father had said never to touch the tools, but, surely it wouldn't do any harm..................”
Louis Braille is a book that tells all about the life of Louis. Louis is a smart boy, and grasps any opportunity to learn. But Louis has one problem. He is blind, and there for, will never be able to learn to read. Or will he? This is a good book!

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