Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Theras And His Town

Theras And His Town is a story of love and determination, family and friendship. As usual, with these things, hardship likes to tag along. Theras's story is full of hardship. First, his father is thought to be dead, then Theras is separated from the rest of his family and taken from his beloved Athens,to the hated city of Sparta. There he is trained to be a Spartan soldier. Theras hates his new home, and is determined to someday return home. One day he meets a boy named Abas who is also anxious to run away from Sparta. Together,these two make the long, dangerous trip back to Athens, barely escaping death in some situations. This is a great story, full of love and care for one-another. And at the end of this story there is a also a big surprise. You will love this book.