Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning to Grow

So, do you ever feel like such a failure that no one could like you? Particularly God? I recently went through a hard time where I felt like I had failed my morals, my parents, my friends, and was completely beyond repair. I would go down to my room and just cry and pray my heart out asking Jesus to help me. But things didn't get any better. Yet what I realized as time passed was that I was trying to fix myself by myself. I had this idea in the back of my brain that I could make myself "perfect" by myself and make God proud of me. Therefore, when I messed up, I felt so bad and so hopeless that I felt I could never get up again, and I wasn't letting myself grow through my challenges. But a few days ago, I completely gave up and realized that my only hope was Jesus. I had already known that, but the problem with problems is that you usually know the answers to your problem (or at least I do), or you already know that Jesus loves you and that you aren't a failure, and you already know not to try and fix things yourself. But applying what you know and realizing that it actually works (ha, go figure) is what is needed. So I prayed and prayed and prayed, giving everything to Jesus, and you know what happened? I had this wave of peace flow over me, and it was so warm and wonderful, that I felt like crying again, and singing and dancing just for joy. I am not perfect! And now I realize that I'm ok with that. And actually I think that if I were perfect, for one, God wouldn't be so wonderful to me because I wouldn't need Him and that would be miserable. And for two, not being perfect is what gives me something to strive for and achieve, because you can always get better; there is always a next step. So, if you're only going to remember one thing from here, remember this: Jesus loves you! Really he does. I know you've heard that a million times, I know you know that. But if you believe it, you're life will be changed drastically! Don't give up, keep trying, you are not a failure, Jesus is with you, and you are loved.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life Lenses

You get to choose how you see. No one else can choose for you, it is your decision how you look at life. This decision can and will make a huge impact on you, and maybe even the world, in many ways. In your life journey, many people are going to hand you different lenses to look at the world with, some of them will be very good, and some will ultimately distort and destroy your vision, and ultimately you. The point of this entry is to encourage and help you to identify the good life lenses and use them.
A very good friend of mine told me that "How you choose to see is like putting on a different kind of lense than the world offers." The world is going to offer you trash. Very attractive, very appealing, trash. Simple things that try and sneak into your heart before you notice, and are very hard to remove once there. Some examples are pride, dissatisfaction, greed, hopelessness, self pity, and I I I I I am the center of the world. All these lenses and more are going to be handed to you by the devil and they are harder to resist than it sounds. But for every lens Satan hands you, God hands you a different option, usually a more challenging one, but one that will also bring you peace and a closer relationship with Him. These are humility, contentment, submission, compassion, joy, hope, love for others.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Name Changed! - New Chapter

So what do you think of my blog's new name? (No really, please tell me. Don't be too shy to comment. I love comments! And I don't bite..... ;) The title is based off of the book Hinds Feet on High Places, and if you haven't read that book, you should. It's a beautiful, highly symbolic book about the journey of ugly, crippled little Much Afraid, who, with the guidance of her friend the Shepherd, leaves the Valley of Humiliation and her dreaded relatives for the High Places. It is there that the Shepherd promises that her crippled legs will become like hinds feet, and she will be given a new name. It is just a sweet, sweet book, and that is where this blog's new name came from (thanks to my wonderful mother :) My hope is that through this blog I will be able to encourage others to take the journey, hard though it may be, up to the High Places, so that we may be able to go back down again, with the abounding love that only the Shepherd can give, and share with those who haven't heard back down in the valleys. Anyway, I really need to go to bed so I will write more later. :) Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Wow, this school year has really been a huge challenge to me this year. I have found that I do not adjust easily to the 100-miles-an-hour rate that public schools use. I'm afraid that in all my rush and hurry and panic and cramming it all in that my relationship with Jesus has been pushed aside too much with an "Oh, you know what, I'll do that when I have more time on my hands." I have discovered that that doesn't happen. When I said that, it was like God looked at me and said, "Alright, go ahead and try it. We'll just wait and see how this turns out". All of a sudden I had no motivation, and an overpowering feeling of laziness. And the more I quit trying to come back to the Word, and quit trying to talk to Jesus, the more boring it all seemed and the harder things at school got. But this weekend the men of our family went out camping and us girls had the entire time to hang out and just be.......well, girls! Every day we would cuddle up in Mommy's bed and read the bible and sing our hearts out. And the next morning (even thought I slept in considerably late for someone used to waking up at 6:00 am) I had a relaxed and fresh feeling of being able to take whatever came at me that day, a feeling of motivation. A feeling of overflowing love for what is good, and a desire to bring Jesus back into my life. Usually when I start thinking about all the math homework I have to do, I get this sinking feeling in my stomach and I feel like it ruins my day. I still have a rather decent chunk of math homework to do, (and I can't believe I am saying this) but I'm almost looking forward to it!!!! Ooh, Our Lord is amazing! So that is what has been happening to me this week. I would love to hear what your week has been like and how any prayers of yours have been answered!

~Talia Grace
"May my words and my thoughts be pleasing to you." Psalm 19:14

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peace Child

"...Three brave Sawi had touched hands across a culture gap equal to several thousand years of human development."
What do you think it would be like to go to a stone-age culture, deep in a dark rainforest, where people have never seen white skin, blond hair, steel, motor boats, man-made light, or eating utensils? Somewhere where people hardly wear any clothes, spend their lives desperately trying to appease the spirits and demons, honor treachery and revenge, and have head-hunting and cannibalism as a part of daily life? And what if your mission in going to these people was to share the word of Christ, where gentleness and humility and goodness was almost despised as weakness?
Don Richardson's book Peace Child, is the story of his ministry doing just that: bringing Christ to the head-hunting tribesmen of New Guinea.
This is a life changing book! The insight and beauty of God's culture changing story of salvation finally reaching the hearts of those who needed it for so long will be sure to inspire and encourage you.
This is an AMAZING book and you need to read it!

"Go out quickly into the streets.... and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame... make them come in so that my house will be full." Luke 14