Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life Lenses

You get to choose how you see. No one else can choose for you, it is your decision how you look at life. This decision can and will make a huge impact on you, and maybe even the world, in many ways. In your life journey, many people are going to hand you different lenses to look at the world with, some of them will be very good, and some will ultimately distort and destroy your vision, and ultimately you. The point of this entry is to encourage and help you to identify the good life lenses and use them.
A very good friend of mine told me that "How you choose to see is like putting on a different kind of lense than the world offers." The world is going to offer you trash. Very attractive, very appealing, trash. Simple things that try and sneak into your heart before you notice, and are very hard to remove once there. Some examples are pride, dissatisfaction, greed, hopelessness, self pity, and I I I I I am the center of the world. All these lenses and more are going to be handed to you by the devil and they are harder to resist than it sounds. But for every lens Satan hands you, God hands you a different option, usually a more challenging one, but one that will also bring you peace and a closer relationship with Him. These are humility, contentment, submission, compassion, joy, hope, love for others.