Friday, September 20, 2013

Tell Me It's Not Just Me....

You are doing one of two things.
1) Having a conversation with yourself.... or
2) Pretending with yourself. (I'll focus on this one)
First you come up with an epic imaginary setting and costume, and somehow there's a battle scene involved. You choreograph some cool fighting moves that make you look like an upside-down, mentally challenged duck, without you meaning them to. Maybe you re-pretend the same scene a couple times more because it's just really cool. And then you are fatally injured.
So now you're on the floor, groaning and dying, and maybe some of your imaginary friends are freaking out and trying to save your life, and you start having difficulty breathing as life slips away from you,.....and you look up at the sky.....

And your brother is grinning at you from the doorway.