Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Dad is Awesome

He likes to write me poems..... ;)

Dear Talia,

Along life's long and dreary path
are pages and pages and pages of math.
If you were to stop and collect them all,
the pile would be exceedingly tall.
So do each one as you pass by,
or two or three, I know, big sigh.
But that will help you extricate
yourself from math I know you hate.
So do it now, do it well.
Don't end up in mathematic ... (hmmm, scratch that)

So do it now, do it well,
I know you like that fresh math smell? (Nah)

So do it now, do it fast
I promise that it will not last... forever.


Just have to say, I REALLY love my dad. He's a pretty neat guy.
I just needed some place to brag about it. ;)

1 comment:

Madeleine Ogren said...

Hahaha!! Loved the last poem. I actually have been saving all the math homework sheets for my Sophomore year to see how much paper I use (and also to see how tall the pile will get). Trust me on this one, when they say that it gets better... I'm pretty sure the phrase doesn't apply to math. However, it DEFINITELY gets more interesting and mind boggling. :)
Have you run into imaginary numbers yet?
Love and miss ya! <3