Thursday, November 13, 2014

Little Life Happenings

Just a small story from life in the Ogren household.

      I was practicing piano yesterday, and EdenJoy was standing behind me braiding/messing around with my hair. She went off to do something, and, on a whim, Teo walked up and told me he was going to try and braid my hair too. (Not to be out done I guess.)

      The problem was, he didn't know how to braid hair, and I was busy playing the piano, so he wasn't about to get taught.  So he just decided to figured it out. It was fun, because I'm pretty sure I played for at least ten minutes before he "got it down". When I was about to wrap up my lesson, he finally said,

"There! I got it! That bit just needs some superglue, and then it'll be perfect."

By brother is awesome. :)

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Cecilia Lee said...

The superglue thing😂😂. It made my day!