Wednesday, April 01, 2015

It's April!

Happy April Fools everybody. Don't let anyone put salad dressing in your shampoo bottle.  -_-



Cecilia Lee said...

Salad dressing in the shampoo must have been a nasty surprise! I was at school this morning, so I missed must of the furry of Raina and Jack's pranking. ��

Anonymous said...

Make someones computer wallpaper a Blue screen. Hide the icons and move the taskbar. Or shortsheet his bed.Thats always an option.

Daniel Sanchez said...

Ooooooo :) I've never heard of that one before! Just look out for the short sheeting tonight!

Talia Grace said...

Lol, despite being annoying, it was rather funny. :D

(hey sorry to whoever that was trying to comment earlier. I moderate the comments before publishing them, and that's why you didn't see them show up...... I also accidentally hit delete instead of publish on one of them.....sorry)