Monday, August 17, 2015

Life Lesson Repeat: Story Version

          Someone is tickling my foot. My face, (I'm assuming once peaceful and angelic, although maybe just distorted and covered with pillow creases), melts to a grouchy, glare-like expression. (eyes still shut of course, so not exactly a glare). I am not pleased. Not pleased at all. Yes, I love you, but no, I am not excited to see you right now. Waking up never gets easier......

I look at my phone. 5:30. *groan*

Oh? We're going hiking? Now?! WHAT?! At this ungodly hour?!

grump, grumble, gripe

          I get up and walk out of the room. Oh look at that. My comforter is tangled around my ankle and I've dragged it out into the hall. I go to put it back and promptly walk into the wall.

          The family is mostly cheery and awake, and I haven't the foggiest (ha ha) idea of why they can even think at this time of day. Only my brother gives me the Glare of the "Oppressed", his hair tousled and sticking out in odd directions. I glare back at him. We understand each other. It's what makes us such good friends.

Yay. A car ride. It's dark outside. I forgot to eat breakfast.

There's a mountain. Oh that's what we're climbing? ..................................

          It's COLD. Isn't it supposed to be summer? Yes, ok, it is lovely out here, I admit. But at the moment, I'm not sure I have the energy to look at anything but my shoes and the back of my eyelids. (The eyelids are a little more challenging to look at while walking, but I can manage on the flat sections of the path. I've only tripped once so far.........)

Gracious, it's such a steep trail...... I want wings sooo badly right now. Wings that can see where they are going so that the rest of me can sleep while I'm flying.........

* * *

           I look up and see the top of the mountain; there is gold shooting up into the sky, blocked slightly by the trees. Silas makes it first, and stops dead in his tracks. I drag myself up the last slope, and then freeze.

Oh....... Oh.

          I am very much awake now. I want to cry with awe. The glory of the morning lights up the world around me, and the birds break into song. Only the tips of the mountain, including this rise, break through the ocean of clouds; white as the snow, and bright as liquid light, churning and splashing across the sky. It's all too bright to look at, but I can't look away. The clouds below me mist their way up through the tree tops, offering glimpses of the beautiful greenery even further down below.....

The city can't see this. The city is so dark. But what glory is above it!

          I scramble up to the highest rock, and feel the world spread around me. It makes me feel small, very small. But at the moment it is the best feeling in the whole world. I am small, and my God is BIG! And he gave this all to me for my joy, despite my selfishness and lack of gratitude. Grinning, He spread it all out, and painted it with light, and then brought me up at the perfect time to see it. He took delight in showing me. ME. Of all people......Wow.

          It's so beautiful. Powerful. Gentle. Awesome. The breeze rumples the boys' hair. EdenJoy sits silhouetted against the dawn-lit sky, looking down at the birds and mist. Creation sings to it's Creator, and carries my heart with it. What did I ever do to deserve this awe and delight? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Gracious. I need to get over myself. Ha!

It's 7:00. A beautiful hour. A new day. And the grace of God is mine for the taking.